“ the evil prosecuting attorney, Broadway vet Karen Culp outclasses them all.”
-The Village Voice

“Karen Culp has a comic zest and physical flair... Culp’s spunkiness segues nicely into her serenades.”
-The Boston Globe

“...the best performance comes from Karen Culp, the deluded “doctor” who unleashes, Dr. Phil style, a kind of New Age nonsense...”

“Leading lady Karen Culp was like Ginger Rogers... the requisite 1930’s dream sequence... beautifully executed.” “Alone on stage with only the light of a follow spot, Culp, looking enchanting and wholesome, sang with illuminating simplicity...”
-The Boston Tribune

“... Karen Culp gracefully and magically dances solo to the familiar strains. This duet stopped the show. Deservedly. Just gorgeous!”
-The Rockland Review

“Ground UP Productions has nailed the casting with Ms Culp (as Helen) always looking for affection in new and unusual ways.”

“ rendition of Mavis ... ”

“Karen Culp displays ... along with a rich and expressive singing voice ... an awkward grace that segues into Ginger Rogers elegance ... ”